5 excellent Japanese whisky and food pairings

Whereas Westerners have long found whisky a drink to enjoy after food, the Japanese have a long tradition of enjoying it with food, often mixed with water or even on rocks. We present a few excellent pairings you might want to try out for yourself.



Nikka Taketsuru with Camembert cheese
Cheese might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to Japanese food but there is no shortage of cheese in the country. The mild texture of Nikka whisky, in this case Taketsuru, goes down well with a little bit of Camembert.



Suntory Yamazaki and chocolate cake
A match made in heaven: Classic Yamazaki strawberries and dried fruits combined with chocolate cake. What could go wrong?



Suntory Hibiki and Sushi
We prefer the Hibiki with Sushi, although truth be told you could mix most whiskies with the dish.



Ichiro´s Malt and steak
If you get your hands on Ichiro’s Malt then you better enjoy it. Get a nice steak to go with it and you are in for a treat.



Nikka Yoichi and Tandoori chicken
For those wanting to go international, whisky and Tandoori chicken mix surprisingly well — just ask the Indians. We recommend Nikka Yoichi for the right mix.