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winter whisky food pairing

Winter Whisky & Food Pairings

The Holiday Season is here – a time for spending time with friends and loved ones, eating copious amounts of great food and enjoying more drams than you would normally allow yourself. It really is one of my favourite times of the year, despite the freezing cold weather, regular snow and rainfall and distinct lack […]

Japanese Pair – Nikka Coffey Malt & Xiao Long Bao Dumplings

After a long break (I was on a strict whisky-only diet) we’re back with the latest instalment of our Japanese Pair series, a range dedicated to pairing the very best Japanese whiskies with delicious dishes. So far we’ve paired the Yamazaki 18 with some gorgeous Wagyu beef, the Hibiki 21 with nigiri sushi, and the […]

Japanese Pair

Japanese Pair – Yamazaki 18 & Wagyu Beef Steak

Today marks a special occasion for us here at Dekanta, as we publish the first piece of our “Japanese Pair” series. We’re all about the beauty of Japanese whisky, and we decided to reach out to the other die-hard fans out there, who love to take their whisky experience to the next level by pairing […]