On The Road With dekantā – Paul John Distillery

Japanese whisky will always be our pride and joy, but as we stand on the edge of Japan and look West towards Asia, there’s a whole lot of great whisky being made. We’re always up for a bit of exploring, so we decided to venture out and meet the people behind these amazing Asian whiskies. […]

Suntory, Kirin, Asahi Come Together Against Pollution

In recent news by Suntory, Japan’s largest drinks companies have come together to combat the rising issue of air pollution in Asia. It seems it will be a common interest in protecting the environment, and not whisky, that will bring these major industry players to collaborate. Japan’s most major beer makers, Suntory, Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo, […]

Interview With Brian Ashcraft On “Japanese Whisky – The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Desirable Spirit”

Any lover of Japanese culture has read something by Brian Ashcraft. Personally, I follow his seasonal anime guides on Kotaku, but he writes on everything “Japan”. Tattoos, recent trends, politics, robots, you name it and he’s probably covered it. So, I’m glad to chat with him about his most recent book on an important part […]

Japanese Whisky Rocks the World Whiskies Awards, Again

The doors opened to a large, well-lit hall and the whisky industry heavyweights poured in. Wine was offered at the entrance but seeing the selection of whiskies available, I moved towards that instead. It was a wonderful sight to see so many legends of the industry gathered in one place. Jota Tanaka from Fuji-Gotemba, Ichiro […]

The All-Hokkaido Japanese Whisky

We’ve been hearing about the Akkeshi distillery quite a lot recently. Exciting times are afoot up in Hokkaido, especially since the distillery released their very first New Born bottling at the end of February.   Having tasted it, one thing is for certain – We can expect some great things from Akkeshi in the future. […]

World Whiskies Awards Round 1 – Observing Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky

It’s that time of the year again as Japanese whisky lovers await the final results of the World Whiskies Awards competition. For the fans that don’t remember, Japanese whisky rocked the competition last year, after expressions were named the World’s Best Blended, World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt, and World’s Best Grain. 2017 was huge […]

Yamazaki Mizunara Oak – From Whisky To Wine

The rarity of Japanese mizunara oak is sung across the whisky world. In recent years many have utilized the category, in the hopes of adding an element of luxury to their whisky. Islay’s great Bowmore distillery released a mizunara expression in 2013 which, to no surprise, quickly sold out and skyrocketed in price on the […]

Asia – The “Wild West” of Whisky

Happy Chinese New Year! We love Japan, but today we’ll be taking a look West, beyond the mystical land of the rising sun, at Asia.  When it comes to whisky, the world is changing. Once upon a time, Scotch was the biggest and only fish in the pond. Everyone swore by Scotch, lesser bottles gained […]

The First Akkeshi Whisky Arrives

On Friday, February 9th, up at the Akkeshi distillery in Hokkaido, a ceremony was held celebrating the company’s first whisky bottling. In the parking lot, the distillery team was joined by the heads of the company backing the venture, as a Japanese priest moved forward with the ceremony. After cutting the inauguration ribbon, the first […]

The Karuizawa 35 Year-Old The Cities of Japan – Inside The Ballot

The Cities of Japan bottlings are much more than whisky. The bottlings embody the land of the rising sun, each bottle capturing a city that stands out across the land, offering a deep look into Japanese culture. Start off in Osaka, within the vibrant, edgy streets, lined with food stands and surrounded by laughter. Pass […]