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Think you’d never get the chance to experience Karuizawa and other notable distilleries. Well, think again. This affordable Japanese Whisky Tasting Set includes 12 miniature 3cl bottles from the leading distilleries around Japan. Have some fun at your holiday get-together by exploring Japanese Whisky in a whole new way. Presented in a Japanese themed gift box.

Full list of bottles is shown below.


Want to sample a broader selection of Japanese Spirits this holiday season? Our Spirits Collection will get you well on your way with a bottle of Japanese Whisky, Gin, Sake and Shochu. It’s a fun experience to share something with your friends and family that they’ve likely never tasted before. In fact, many westerners have never even heard of Shochu before!

The Holiday Spirits Collection includes 4 bottles plus a collectible wooden presentation box. This set is a sure fire conversation starter for the holidays!