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Japanese Whisky and Autumn Food Pairing

Japanese Whisky and Autumn Food Pairing

What is the solution to these colder days and longer nights? Eating. Eating Japanese. Eating and, if it’s something you enjoy, drinking. And if you enjoy eating AND you enjoy drinking Japanese whisky then wait till you try pairing food with that whisky. It will perk up your autumn no bother. Pairing Cuisine with Whisky […]

Karuizawa Whisky: Japan’s Legendary Liquid Gold

Karuizawa’s Unparalleled Growth Today Karuizawa whisky stands at the top of the global whisky industry, as the brand to rise most in value compared to any other whisky in the world, since 2013, according to auction and sales reports by Karuizawa: A History When the distillery’s doors shut in 2000, the distillery team could […]

Protect Japanese wine

New Wine Law To Protect Japanese Wine

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in “fake” Japanese whiskies which are, at their core, imported whisky from abroad which is bottled in Japan and labelled as Japanese. While some respectable producers properly label such expressions as world blended expressions, most deceive drinkers. While we strive to provide all expressions to be […]

Chichibu Japan warrior series

Chichibu’s Japan Warrior Series Launches Globally

It’s finally here. The bottle all die-hard Chichibu fans have been waiting for! In its mission to supply both the domestic and global market with fine, experimental, and unique whisky, Ichiro Akuto’s Chichibu Distillery have launched the very first bottle from the Chichibu Japan Warrior single cask series for the German market.   Chichibu is […]